Attention to detail for every plumbing service

Here at Brian D Smith we offer a comprehensive bathroom installation service so you can have your bathroom the way you have envisioned it. Our bathroom designers begin with the creation and planning of the initial bathroom design and the rest of the team take care of everything to the finalised bathroom installation. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a service that covers all aspects, from concept to completion.

From plumbing maintenance to plumbing repairs, our services are first rate. Contact us today if you require any more information.

Want your bathroom designed and installed all by the same company? Call us on 01202 715 342.


The equipment we have on hand to complete heating and plumbing repairs allows us to complete jobs straight away, no messing around.


  • Plumbing and heating work
  • Joinery and carpentry work
  • Electrical work
  • Comprehensive bathroom design
  • Professional and timely bathroom installation
  • Bathrooms, WCs and wet rooms